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Despite how heavily saturated the artificial grass industry is SYNLawn Bay Area has set ourselves apart from the competition in Northern California with years of research and development into our products, like our Super Yarn. This exclusive artificial turf technology is our first-of-its-kind yarn formula that combines three unique enhancements that are changing the way that synthetic grass is manufactured. These three components are combined at the molecular level to create the most technologically advanced turf yarn formula to date. Details include:

Sanitized® Antimicrobial

Sanitized® is one of the three vital components in our Super Yarn. It is a highly effective antimicrobial that actively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria. It is responsible for controlling pet odors left behind in pet waste and keeps unwanted pests from making a home in your pet’s fur. 

Sanitized® also prevents the buildup of algae and other fungi that are known to aggravate respiratory allergens. Fungi and algae are well-known health risks that thrive in warm, humid environments, harm local wildlife, and produce dangerous runoff water. Fortunately, with Sanitized, this problem is a thing of the past, offering you artificial grass that is cleaner and healthier in the Bay Area. 

DualChill™ Technology

DualChill™ is another essential part of Super Yarn technology from SYNLawn Bay Area that acts as a thermal shield. This strengthens turf fibers, making them more resilient and highly durable over significant periods of time. DualChill has been proven through testing to improve IR reflectivity by up to 42%. This allows our artificial grass to resist fading for decades. When combined with temperature-controlling infills, our Bay Area synthetic grass remains more vibrant and cooler than any other competing brand in our industry.

Stat-Block™ Technology

StatBlock is a brand-new carbon-based anti-static that is molecularly bound in our Super Yarn to the face fiber and inhibits static charge buildup. Despite the market’s usage of anti-static components, SYNLawn is the first to introduce it as a DNA-level addition to artificial grass. Adding StatBlock to our synthetic grass fibers can help lower static levels by up to 17 times. For grass alternatives that are typical in playgrounds, pet areas, and open spaces, SYNLawn chose StatBlock. Even though none of our products generate static, this element can aid in reducing the transmission of static electricity from items like playground equipment or metal fixtures.

Artificial grass backyard pool area installed by SYNLawn
Backyard pool area with SYNLawn artificial grass

Improved Sustainability

SYNLawn is known for its dedication to manufacturing sustainable grass alternatives. We utilize high-quality plant-based materials thanks to our partnership with American farmers. SYNLawn combines this effort with our exclusive technologies, such as Super Yarn, to create some of the most durable, high-performing, and long-lasting synthetic turf. Our products eliminate traditional maintenance and are backed by an unmatched lifetime warranty, resulting in incredible longevity.

Made in the USA

Super Yarn, just like all of our Bay Area artificial grass products, is manufactured solely in the USA. We design our turf in-house at our manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA. Inside this ISO 9001-Certified facility, we can quality control our artificial turf from start to finish, including our technologies, to ensure that our customers continue to receive a consistent level of quality from any of the grass alternatives that they install in their lawns or landscapes. 
SYNLawn Bay area will never skimp on quality to provide you with a less expensive, less dependable choice. Instead, we provide our customers with payment options to suit any budget, so everyone can enjoy our top-quality Bay Area artificial grass affordably.

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Super Yarn and other benefits help make artificial grass from SYNLawn Bay Area a top choice for Bay Area homes, businesses, and more. At SYNLawn Bay Area, we offer free consultations to both our commercial and residential customers. We have several years of experience installing our state-of-the-art synthetic turf products and want to be your installer for years to come. Contact us today to get started!