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Backyard putting green installed by SYNLawn

San Francisco and other Bay Area residents love the eco-friendly artificial grass lawns from SYNLawn Bay Area. Over the last 20 years, our team has proven themselves as a leader in the artificial turf industry in the region. We have shown, through our many years of research and development, that we offer environmentally friendly and technologically advanced synthetic grass. While many are making the easy decision to replace their traditional grass, there are still plenty of customers who want to understand the benefits before making the commitment. The following buyer’s guide has been designed to help break down many of the reasons to choose us at SYNLawn Bay Area for residential and commercial landscape installations:

Artificial Lawn or Conventional Lawn?

SYNLawn® Bay Area Artificial Grass

  • SYNLawn synthetic grass can help save customers on their water bills
  • Eliminates the need for traditional lawn maintenance
  • Does not require reseeding or fertilizing
  • Resists fading, dead patches, and holes
  • Provides superior durability and performance for high activity and heavy foot traffic
  • Manufactured with our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology and EnviroLoc+™
  • Drains up to 1,200 inches per hour with SuperDrain+™ technology
  • Class A fire-rated options are proven to prevent the spread of fires
  • The only provider of USDA-certified options in the area that can be recycled and reused
  • Manufactured with NO PFAs
  • Saves business owners time and money to focus on clients, services, and products
  • Quality controlled and made only in the USA
Commercial artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn
Rooftop artificial grass putting green overlooking ocean

Traditional Grass

  • Requires hours of mowing, watering, and reseeding
  • Turf blades flatten and shed from high activity and heavy foot traffic
  • Fuels fires and can lead to extreme property damage and potentially fatal injury
  • Takes business owners away from their work and can leave a poor impression on customers if not well-maintained
  • Can flood and create mud that will inevitably end up indoors
  • Costs increase when repairs arise
  • No guarantee of quality control

Professional Bay Area Putting Green Turf and Putting Greens

SYNLawn® Golf Green Turf

  • One-inch-thick practice surfaces that allow you to use a real golf tee
  • The professionally installed T-Strike lets you make a complete swing without grabbing the club head
  • Effective drains in each cup help prevent backfill of water and mold
  • Putting greens engineered by an ex-NASA engineer to imitate regular grass as closely as possible
  • Improve your performance and reduce your scores in the short game
  • Select from different turf options for your fairway, fringe, collar, and more
  • Customizable with obstacles, such as sand traps and bunkers, to increase the challenge
  • Only SYNLawn GreenMaster® certified technicians can install our golf greens
Backyard golf green next to pool area
Backyard putting green with blue flag installed by SYNLawn

Conventional Putting Greens

  • Inconsistent surfacing that makes it difficult to perform at your best
  • Does not drain properly without SuperDrain+, making it difficult to use year-round
  • Must be maintained to ensure playability
  • No guarantee of precision installation
  • Requires travel with no guarantee of availability
  • Golf clubs will cause holes, shedding, and dead spots that will increase maintenance costs
  • Expensive and time-consuming maintenance

Safer Playgrounds are Provided by SYNLawn Bay Area

Bay Area Playground Turf Systems

  • Shock absorption underlayment
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial-infused surface fibers eliminate up to 99% of bacteria
  • Superior durability under heavy foot traffic
  • Up to 20% cooler surface temperatures than competing brands thanks to our exclusive HeatBlock™ technology
  • ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible
  • IPEMA certification and on-site safety testing for playgrounds
  • Helps cushion up to a 10-foot fall
Residential artificial playground grass from SYNLawn
Artificial playground grass installed by SYNLawn

Alternative Playground Surfaces

  • Surfaces, such as pea gravel, sand, rubber, and concrete, are abrasive and can cause injury
  • Can burn feet when exposed to long-term sunlight and heat
  • No protection against bacteria or infections
  • Not friendly for all users
  • Does not meet proper fall height attenuations

Keep Your Pets Clean and Your Landscape Intact

San Francisco Pet Grass

  • Sanitized® actively helps control odors and kills germs
  • EnviroLoc+™ locks in turf fibers to help prevent pets from digging through to your soil
  • SuperDrain+™ further eliminates odors as a result of its optimal drainage rate
  • Pet turf will resist absorbing heat, keeping pets comfortable year-round
  • Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth, mold, and mildew
Dogs playing on artificial grass
Artificial grass dog park installed by SYNLawn

Regular Grass for Pet Areas

  • Can cause discomfort and burned paws
  • Will not keep unwanted pests away
  • Easily deteriorates because of playtime
  • Can stain your pet’s coat
  • Holds on to pet waste, perpetuating odors and stains

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SYNLawn Bay Area is always exploring the possibilities of our artificial grass for homes, businesses, and more in San Francisco, CA, and other Bay Area communities. We feel that as a leader in our region, we have a responsibility to provide safer, cleaner, more eco-friendly, and more technologically advanced synthetic turf. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to work on multi-million projects from start to finish and offer payment options for various budgets. For more information about our artificial turf and to see your savings and get a free quote , contact us today to schedule your free consultation!