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Commercial artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn

SYNLawn Bay Area is elevating the landscaping and dog park experience for apartment complexes in the San Francisco, CA, Bay Area through the use of artificial grass. Our goal is to enhance the aesthetics of multi-family housing facilities across the Bay Area by offering lifelike and premium artificial turf. Our commitment is to provide your residents with surroundings that are not only safer and cleaner but also environmentally friendly. Understanding the significance of making a positive impression, we make the process effortless by offering a diverse range of San Francisco Bay Area artificial grass options.

SYNLawn® Bay Area Artificial Turf Offers Unmatched Quality and Durability

Crafted for superior quality, performance, and longevity, our state-of-the-art San Francisco artificial turf is tailored to meet the diverse challenges nearly any commercial landscape may face, be it from pets, regular foot traffic, children’s play spaces, sports activities, or various other factors. SYNLawn Bay Area artificial grass stands as a trusted choice for high-profile commercial projects where resilience is a crucial factor. Over the past two decades, our dedication has been unwavering in producing synthetic grass capable of withstanding virtually any weather condition and level of activity. With our premium commercial turf, your property can enjoy a noticeable return on your investment by eliminating the need for mowing, watering, reseeding, and lawn maintenance crews and equipment!

Artificial grass apartment lawn installed by SYNLawn
Apartment putting green installed by SYNLawn

The Most Eco-Friendly Artificial Turf the Bay Area Has to Offer

As the leading and exclusive source of plant-based artificial turf, SYNLawn Bay Area is dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability by pursuing the creation of the most eco-friendly artificial grass in San Francisco. Our commitment drives us to incorporate soybean oil into our backing system and integrate sugar cane into our turf fibers, displacing petroleum polyols and replacing them with more environmentally friendly materials. This eco-conscious strategy is realized through our partnership with American farmers, who have been supplying us with soybeans since 2008.

As a result, we have successfully developed several USDA-certified products and introduced our exclusive EnviroLoc+™ backing system. EnviroLoc+ anchors turf fibers, preventing shedding and tearing while facilitating optimal drainage. Enhanced with SuperDrain+ technology, our turf can drain up to 1,200 inches per hour, helping to ensure nearly immediate usability after encountering liquids.

Exclusive Technologies and Innovations

A significant reason that SYNLawn Bay Area stands tall above the competition is our use of exclusive technologies. Fifty years of research and development have been instilled into SYNLawn synthetic turf to help change the way artificial grass is manufactured. Some of our exclusive turf technologies include:

  • Our exclusive yarn formula, Super Yarn™ technology, is crafted with plant-based materials.
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial effectively eliminates bacteria caused by pet waste, algae, or fungi and prevents the growth of mold and mildew.
  • DualChill™ IR technology reflects infrared light to prevent fading for decades.
  • StatBlock™ anti-static feature prevents the accumulation of static electricity.
  • EnviroLoc+™, our plant-based backing system, securely locks in turf fibers to prevent shedding or digging by dogs.
  • HeatBlock™ technology helps ensure surface temperatures are up to 20% cooler than other turf manufacturers, preventing burned feet and paws.
  • SuperDrain+™ technology facilitates a maximum drainage rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour, allowing for nearly immediate use after rainfall or exposure to any liquids, including pet waste.
Commercial artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn
Artificial grass playground installed by SYNlawn

Commercial Safety Standards for Apartment Complexes

Safety is a paramount concern for multi-family residences, encompassing areas such as lawns, dog runs, dog parks, playgrounds, and more. At SYNLawn Bay Area, prioritizing safety is at the forefront of our efforts. We were the pioneers in acknowledging the necessity for IPEMA-certified surfaces, and our commitment to safety continues to drive us to enhance the security of our synthetic turf. Our Bay Area synthetic turf undergoes independent laboratory testing to meet stringent fall height attenuation standards, providing effective cushioning for falls of up to ten feet. Additionally, we engineer slip-resistant and non-abrasive surfaces to prevent common injuries and abrasions while ensuring that they remain cooler throughout the year, making them safer and more enjoyable for individuals of all ages.

Class A Fire-Rated Artificial Turf

SYNLawn is at the forefront of the industry as the exclusive supplier of ASTM E-108 Class A fire-rated turf. This classification denotes that our artificial turf exhibits the utmost level of fire resistance. The presence of Class A fire-rated turf substantially prolongs the crucial time window needed for first responders to arrive at the scene and manage the fire effectively. SYNLawn stands unrivaled in offering outstanding durability and fire resistance, outperforming competitors. Our demonstrated turf is successful in slowing down and thwarting the spread of fires, bringing extra assurance and comfort to residents who opt for your complex.

Cornball on artificial grass from SYNLawn

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SYNLawn Bay Area offers dependable, eco-friendly artificial grass for apartment complexes in San Francisco, CA. We want to help you transform your apartment complex and become the number one option in your area. Our team has more than 20 years of experience meticulously installing Bay Area synthetic grass. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to work on multi-million-dollar projects from start to finish. We work with landscape architects, general contractors, city planners, and more to provide safer, cleaner, and greener surroundings.

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