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Artificial grass backyard installed by SYNLawn

What Is Artificial Grass Made Of?

Traditional artificial turf is made from a combination of nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. It includes a backing system and, in some cases, a rubber crumb infill. SYNLawn Bay Area artificial turf is free of rubber crumb infill, is the first to be made with plant-based materials, and is manufactured PFAS-free with materials derived from sugar cane and renewable soybeans!

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Traditional synthetic grass is designed to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years or less. This is dependent on the quality of the materials that are used, proper installation techniques, the technologies that it is manufactured with, and the level of foot traffic it will have to endure. SYNLawn Bay Area artificial grass can last customers a lifetime with minimal effort and is backed by an unmatched warranty.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Children and Pets?

Synthetic turf is a safer alternative to conventional grass for pets and children. In most cases, it has been developed to help keep them both healthy and clean. Our SYNLawn synthetic grass is coated with Sanitized® antimicrobial, which is proven to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. We also ensure that we meet high commercial safety standards to help protect them from injury.

Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

During the summer and in warmer regions, synthetic grass tends to absorb heat. Nevertheless, manufacturers have introduced advancements to mitigate this issue. SYNLawn provides exclusive HeatBlock technology, which has been proven to help keep surfaces up to 20% cooler compared to other turf options by effectively countering heat emissivity.

Commercial artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn
Artificial pet and dog turf installed by SYNLawn

Does Artificial Grass Fade Over Time?

Even though UV exposure may lead to fading, top-notch synthetic grass is designed to withstand it. The UV-stabilized turf strands in SYNLawn Bay Area artificial turf are incorporated to help prevent fading all year round. To enhance resistance against fading, our Super Yarn blend incorporates DualChill IR-reflecting technology, which effectively reflects infrared radiation.

Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly?

Opting for synthetic grass presents an eco-friendly substitute for traditional grass, as it allows users to eliminate the need for wasteful watering systems and gas-powered lawn equipment. Choosing SYNLawn Bay Area for turf can significantly aid in reducing carbon emissions and conserving water. We also offer recyclable lawn solutions that can be reused in the future, which reduces the impact on local landfills. We take eco-friendliness to the next level by being the first and only turf company in the Bay Area to offer plant-based artificial grass. We are also the first on our market to offer turf that is manufactured PFAS-free.

Are There Any New Technologies in Artificial Grass Production?

Within the artificial grass industry, numerous new inventions and technologies are emerging to enhance aspects such as grass lifespans, installation methods, aesthetics, and more. Each Bay Area artificial grass variety offered by SYNLawn benefits from over 50 years of research and development. As a result, we offer an expanding range of distinctive technologies that are not found anywhere else in our industry.

This includes Super Yarn™, SuperDrain+™, HeatBlock™, OmegaBlade™, EnviroLoc+™, DualChill™ IR reflectivity, and many more!

Are There Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Options for Bay Area Artificial Grass?

There are a variety of environmentally friendly solutions for artificial grass available today. This is because the market for sustainable lawn alternatives is continuously expanding. SYNLawn sets itself apart by incorporating soybeans and other plant-based components, replacing 60–80% of petroleum-based products. As a result, we are the exclusive provider of USDA-certified synthetic turf in the Bay Area.

Artificial grass apartment lawn installed by SYNLawn
Artificial grass backyard installed by SYNLawn

How Does Artificial Grass Contribute to Water Conservation?

Your water savings are significantly increased when switching to synthetic grass. It is ideal for regions experiencing drought conditions because it does not need to be watered to remain lush and vibrant. Bay Area synthetic grass from SYNLawn can help you save almost one-third of the water you use on monthly lawn care. You will also be happy to decrease your water costs by up to 70%!

What Is the Latest in Artificial Grass for Sports Fields or Playgrounds?

Synthetic turf designed for playgrounds and sports areas is both non-abrasive and resistant to heavy foot traffic, adhering to commercial safety regulations. SYNLawn Bay Area takes pride in offering IPEMA-certified surfaces that meet the necessary fall height attenuations, providing improved shock absorption to mitigate common injuries. These regulations help ensure that children and athletes can engage in activities without concerns of potential injury.

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