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Menlo Park Playground

Products Used: Play Platinum

Square Footage: 2500 sq ft.

Recently, the team at SYNLawn Bay Area had the pleasure of lending their hand in building a fun and unique playground for a housing facility in Menlo Park, CA. The playground was designed with 2,500 square feet of Play Platinum playground turf and a unique turf mound. Creating a playground for a housing facility requires strict attention to safety standards. People of all ages will utilize this play area, and with that in mind, the property manager knew they needed to cover their bases. Fortunately, we have more than 20 years of experience designing playgrounds and other landscapes that help keep our customers safer. We have instilled more than 50 years of research and development into our artificial playground turf systems. Our Bay Area playground surfaces boast exclusive technologies and benefits not found anywhere else in our industry. They are also made from plant-based materials, allowing them to be eco-friendly and maintenance-free.

Play Platinum Playground Turf

Play Platinum is SYNLawn’s safest artificial grass surface for playgrounds that experience heavy foot traffic. It is made safer with our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology, is IPEMA certified, and includes an ASTM Class A fire rating. This non-abrasive playground turf is heat-resistant and has both anti-static and antimicrobial properties. Play Platinum dramatically helps reduce common injuries found on playgrounds, making it ideal for backyards, parks, schools, and commercial playgrounds.

Super Yarn™ Technology

Super Yarn is our first-of-its-kind yarn formula that combines three unique enhancements at the molecular level. To start, Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and microbes on SYNLawn grass surfaces. Following that, DualChill™ technology prevents grass fiber fading by reflecting infrared light in order to help keep surfaces cooler than other turfs on the market. Then, StatBlock™ anti-static stops the transfer of static from metal surfaces and playground equipment. Even though none of our artificial grass solutions produce static electricity, StatBlock helps ensure more comfortable and enjoyable playground surfaces. By combining it with our EnviroLoc+ backing system, SYNLawn Bay Area provides incredibly durable and longer-lasting artificial turf for the Bay Area.

EnviroLoc+™ Plant-Based Backing System

EnviroLoc+ is one of the many ways that SYNLawn develops the most environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional grass. Designed using renewable soybeans, EnviroLoc+ eliminates over 60% of the petroleum polyols found in other lawn alternatives. Our EnviroLoc+ secures turf fibers to help prevent shedding and tearing. Our Bay Area artificial grass can withstand intense activity, like walking, sports, dogs, and other activities because of its incredible durability. As a result, your tenants can take advantage of your amenities without having to worry about costly repairs. Additionally, the porous body of EnviroLoc+ permits a maximum drainage rate of 1,200 inches per hour to help ensure usability even after rainfall.

High Commercial Safety Standards

At SYNLawn Bay Area, one of our highest priorities is the safety of our customers. As a result, we were among the first to realize the need for IPEMA-certified surfaces. Play Platinum has been tested to meet proper fall height attenuations. This means that we can properly help cushion the blow of up to a ten-foot fall. We create nonabrasive and slip-resistant surfaces that aid in preventing common injuries and abrasions, so your tenants can take the worry out of playtime.

Class A Fire Rated Bay Area, CA Playground Turf

Any property owner knows that fire safety must always be taken very seriously. Fortunately, SYNLawn Bay Area offers a growing catalog of Class A fire-rated artificial turf. Play Platinum has been tested and proven to help prevent the spread of fires. It is designed to melt and blacken rather than fuel flames, providing a barrier to help increase fire safety.

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