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In Nob Hill, CA, artificial grass from SYNLawn Bay Area is taking the area’s residents by storm. At SYNLawn Bay Area, synthetic grass eliminates traditional maintenance, saves you time and money, and is the first grass alternative on our market to be made with plant-based materials. Our synthetic turf accommodates a comprehensive list of applications and remains luxurious year-round. 

We have instilled more than 50 years of research and development into our San Francisco artificial grass and are proud to be a leader in our industry. We are happy to provide our customers in Nob Hill, CA, with a solution for conventional grass that lasts a lifetime with minimal upkeep.

Exclusive benefits of Nob Hill artificial turf by SYNLawn include, but are not limited to:

  • Super Yarn™ technology
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial
  • DualChill™ IR reflective technology
  • StatBlock™ anti-static   
  • EnviroLoc+™ backing system
  • HeatBlock™ technology
  • SuperDrain+™ technology
  • OmegaBlade™ technology
  • The first collection of USDA-certified turf options
  • Class A fire-rated options 
  • Cut your water bill
  • Significantly reduce your carbon emissions
  • Made in the USA with the help of American farmers
  • Manufactured PFAs free
  • Unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Monthly payment plans & more!
Artificial grass play area installed by SYNLawn

Commercial Installation of Nob Hill Artificial Turf

For more than 20 years, business owners have relied on SYNLawn Bay Area for commercial installation. No other company in our market rivals the superior durability, performance, quality, and realism of our commercial artificial grass. Our synthetic grass is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, is Class A fire-rated, conserves thousands of gallons of water, and creates a lasting impression on your clients. This makes our synthetic turf perfect for a comprehensive list of applications, such as:

  • Lawns
  • Landscapes
  • Putting greens
  • Playgrounds
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment complexes
  • Schools
  • Retail shopping
  • Hospitality facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Multipurpose fields, and so much more!

Nob Hill, CA Putting Greens and Golf Turf

SYNLawn Bay Area putting green installations match PGA-level standards and performance while providing unrivaled realism, quality, and installation longevity. Our artificial golf turf is designed to look and feel like a professional-level course – with characteristics like an accurate ball roll, a realistic putt, and natural ball slowdown. Our artificial golf greens do not fade, will provide optimal drainage, and will resist moving or ripping from repeated usage or high foot traffic. Other features include:

  • One-inch-thick practice surfaces that allow you to use a real golf tee
  • The professionally installed T-Strike lets you make a complete swing without grabbing the club head
  • Effective drains in each cup prevent backfill of water and mold
  • Engineered by professional golf coach Dave Pelz to imitate natural grass as closely as possible
  • Improve your performance and reduce your scores in the short game
  • Select from different turf options for your fairway, fringe, collar, and more
  • Customizable with obstacles to increasing the challenge
  • Only SYNLawn GreenMaster™ certified technicians can install our golf greens
Artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn

SYNLawn® Builds Safer Playgrounds with Bay Area Playground Turf Systems

Homeowners and schools choose SYNLawn Bay Area to create their playgrounds because our playground turf meets commercial safety standards and helps keep children away from bacteria and mildew. We independently test our synthetic playground grass to help ensure that it meets proper fall height attenuations and will prevent common injuries and abrasions. Other benefits include:

  • Hypo-allergenic solutions for everyone to enjoy
  • Made with recyclable and eco-friendly materials, including sugar cane and soybean oil
  • Non-abrasive, soft, synthetic grass top layer
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates up to 99% of bacteria found on play surfaces that can lead to staph and other infections
  • StatBlock™ carbon-based anti-static component that reduces static buildup and shock
  • HeatBlock™ cools grass by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat buildup, resulting in a significant temperature drop of up to 20%
  • A soft padding-bottom layer is provided by Fall Pad® subbase cushioning technology
  • ASTM tested to meet HIC (Head Injury Criteria) requirements and more

Safer and Cleaner Nob Hill Pet Grass 

Give your companion their new favorite place to play and relax with our Nob Hill artificial pet grass. Our state-of-the-art pet turf systems keep the needs of both you and your pet in mind and offer a solution to the hurdles of maintaining a safer, cleaner, and more stunning landscape for you both to enjoy. Advantages include:

  • Envirofill® odor-controlling top dressing prevents and eliminates pet odors caused by ammonia
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates 99% of bacteria from surfaces
  • Protection from diseases spread around by fleas, ticks, and other pests
  • Significantly cooler surface temperatures protect paws from burning
  • No harmful chemicals or heavy metals
  • Optimal drainage allows for use immediately after it rains
  • Extremely resilient grass fibers locked in by EnviroLoc+™ that help maintain realism
Artificial living wall installed by SYNLawn

VistaFolia® Artificial Living Walls

SYNLawn Bay Area goes beyond artificial grass with the help of VistaFolia and its artificial living walls. Enhance the beauty of your interior or exterior design with ultra-realistic faux foliage and ivies that can survive even in places where traditional fauna cannot. Features of artificial green walls include the following:

  • 100% pure color pigments that resist fading
  • No maintenance required
  • 8 varieties of bright colors and lush textures to choose from
  • Built to endure extreme weather conditions
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor designs
  • Provides enhanced noise reduction and privacy
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty

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